Part 1: A Brief History of Cannabis Activism

By Joe Klare of The Marijuana Times

The 1990s brought about a resurgence in the cannabis activism movement. The election of Bill Clinton stripped away the veneer of Reagan-Bush dominance and caused the movement to regroup for a new push to end prohibition.

As Keith tells us, this was the time that more groups began to organize. “That is the brief history of the organized legalization groups until the 1990s, when several other groups arose, including DPA, ASA, MPP, SSDP, and Leap, all of which play a helpful role in moving legalization forward.”

MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) has stepped up to be one of the leading forces in the U.S. when it comes to changing cannabis laws. Founded in 1995, when “medical marijuana was illegal in every state, and favorable legislation had not been introduced in Congress in a decade,” as they point out on their website, MPP has seen and been a part of a multitude of law changes that have resulted in less cannabis prohibition overall.

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