How To Make Your Own Homegrown Medicinals


Working with the plants is also remarkably therapeutic. Tuning in to nature is an amazing thing to spend time doing in general and I really honestly believe that it has a healing effect. Nature has a kind of tranquility to it that you don’t get from the human world. So in short, just by working with the plants and cultivating your observation and awareness, it will have a benefit of its own. One of my dear friends, a “serious” herbalist, gave me some really interesting advice around this. She said, “when you are working with the plants, leave any ‘bad energy’ outside. Be calm around them, focused and attentive.” To start with I was somewhat resistant to this idea – I thought “how can my vibe really make a difference here?” But she persisted, so I started putting this into conscious practice, letting my moods blow away, focusing on being observant… and it turned out to be sage advice which I now hold dear.


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