9 Food Cures You Can Grow At Home

From Herbs-info.com

Aloe Vera – burns, sunburn, healing the digestive tract. Not really a culinary herb per se, but the soft gel could be added to smoothies.
Basil – headaches, pain relief.
Lavender – skin conditions, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.
Lemon Balm – cold sores, insect bites, natural insect repellent.
Peppermint – make tea with fresh peppermint leaves to ease nausea and minor digestive complaints.
Parsley – immune booster, also chew for fresh breath.
Rosemary – mood lifting, cold soothing with cinnamon.
Sage – infuse some sage leaves with boiling water, and when cooled, gargle for sore throat.
Thyme – antioxidant and antiseptic. Do not use if pregnant.

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