High THC Hemp Actually Better For Fiber and Protein

From hemproject.eu

If hemp produces 8,000 pounds of seed per acre, according to Stanford, that equals roughly 300 gallons of hempseed oil per acre. “Well, the most productive seed oil crops are soybeans, rapeseed (canola oil) and sunflowers, each producing 100 to 115 gallons per acre,” he said. “So if this number from the feral study is correct — and I believe we can do quite a bit better — then it’s three times more productive than any other seed oil crop.

“That means we could produce it a lot cheaper than petroleum,” Stanford pointed out. “The food and fiber production are a lot higher, as well. So we can harvest food, fuel, fiber, medicine, and adult social flowers all from the same crop.

“That is going to change the entire economic paradigm of the whole world,” Stanford said.

Read more at http://www.hemproject.eu/2016/02/03/hemp-could-change-the-entire-agricultural-paradigm-across-the-world/

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