By Sharon Letts and Dope Magazine

She had the caps with her during a camping trip in 2005 when a log fell on a friend’s foot. Okel quickly broke open one of her caps and applied the strong oil directly to the area with excellent results. The swelling went down quickly and her friend’s pain was quelled. This started the inspiration for her topical product line, and what would ultimately become Empower Oil.

After tinkering with recipes for several years, Okel said Empower Oil now has three strong products in its line, including a roll-on topical, bath salts, the infamous THCA capsules, and the addition of a topical spray for sensual stimulation.

The company has currently outgrown its literal cottage location of Okel’s 900 square foot home, and is moving into a 2100 square foot office space.

“We just applied for our medical marijuana processing license from the Oregon Health Authority,” she shared. “Looks like we are the only topical company on the list so far.”

Though Okel said she’s been courted by other companies looking to take advantage of the new laws allowing entities outside the state to invest in Oregon cannabis businesses, she chose to keep profits close to home, accepting personal loans from friends.

“Helping people with my products is good, but my goal is to become an ambassador for the plant,” she concluded. “This is a good business, but it’s also a calling to help others and educate on the medicinal properties of the plant.”

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